“After giving birth to three children (27 years ago) all with ADHD and one diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, I was faced with many challenges and lacked support from family, schools and physicians. Through trial and error and determination, I used my knowledge and experience as a Fitness Trainer and Owner of a commercial Studio to cope and overcome the many obstacles of hyperactivity, mood swings, learning difficulties, social inadequacies/rejection and nutritional challenges.”

CFSN was established in 1991. CFSN is a 501(c)(3) company established in 2012 and operates within Fitness U providing an inclusive environment where young children and adults with special needs can enhance their quality of life and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • Lynn Aloff Special Needs Coordinator

    CFSN Coordinator of Program Activities has thirty nine years experience providing services to special needs youths and adults of all abilities.  Working in both the public and private sector, Lynn’s philosophy remains the same; Insure that all clients strive to reach their fitness goals and provide a healthy and positive atmosphere for them to be successful.

  • Walter Blomquist Fitness Director

    With over 20 years training clients and youth competitors in baseball, softball, wrestling and martial arts, the challenges and rewards continue. Working with special needs athletes and creating the Martial Arts for the Special Needs Athlete system, our programs impress the goals of any physical training; increased strength and stamina. Ultimately, my aim for our clients is to develop focus, self-sufficiency and greater confidence in their home and social life.

  • They have helped me tremendously. It’s a pleasure to work with Janet and her team. I have had Muscular Dystrophy my whole life and as a I kid I was able to run around but as I have gotten older I have felt the effects of the disease more and more.I began to work out with Janet about two years ago. She and her staff have helped me tremendously. We have worked on motor skills and throwing balls and stretching and they are just great. It’s a pleasure to work with Janet and her team.  Before I began working with Janet it was hard for me to cross my leg and tie my shoes. They have done a great deal for me and I would highly recommend Janet and her staff to anyone.

    Bruce B.
  • They put together a fitness program that is in line with [my son's] level of comprehension and is fun and engaging. My twenty five year old son Joey is autistic. In my never ending search to find fun, engaging and appropriate activities for him I came upon Janet Rollero and Lynn Aloff of Certified Fitness for Special Needs Inc. They did not hesitate to take Joey on as a client with his challenging learning style and behavior. They put together a fitness program that is in line with his level of comprehension and is fun and engaging. As Joey has become more fit and stronger, his trainer Walt continues to challenge him physically, mentally and socially. Joey looks forward to working out every week and is unaware of the significant health benefit. All he knows is how much he enjoys his trips to “the gym”. As his mother I am quite aware of the importance of good health and fitness particularly for the developmentally disabled population. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful organization and such great people to work with Joey.

    Tish C.
  • I especially admire their focus and innovative approach to the individual. For the past year, my son has attended the [Certified Fitness for] Special Needs Training Program at Healthy U.  The program provides fitness and recreation along with socialization for my son and other members with varying needs.  I am very impressed with the energy and commitment of the trainers.  They have encouraged their special members to exercise properly and to develop a healthy lifestyle.  The staff’s knowledge and interpersonal skills have helped my son to develop self-confidence and overall better physical health.  I especially admire their focus and innovative approach to the individual

    Rosemary D
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