Lunch Crunch – Learn nutritional techniques that will empower you to choose food that will fuel your body to move. Each session you will have the opportunity to learn life skills such as: how to choose fast food wisely, preparing food, reading nutrition labels and grocery shopping. This class will also offer lunch opportunities with others who share your passion to learn about food and how it affects your life.

Beginners Yoga It’s all about the “basics” in this slower paced class. You will learn poses that will benefit your body in strength, flexibility and mindfulness

Mindful Movement & Meditation – Mindful movement begins with your thoughts. Your thoughts control your body. Experience the reduction of stress and anxiety by learning techniques through meditation and gentle movement.

Nutrition & Weight Management – In this ongoing Weight Management program, the individual will set achievable, measurable nutritional or healthy lifestyle goals based on their needs. Each session will combine a review of  these goals and concerns followed by an activity session geared towards creating a healthier you!

Drumming – This “All Abilities,” All Age program brings the fun to fitness! Cardio, core and creativity using drumsticks will bring out the inner Rock Star in everyone from Grandparents to kids to fitness fanatics!

Martial Arts –Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial arts style that is very popular throughout the world because it offers a superb method of conditioning the mind and body – not only for self defense, but also for living in a positive way and contributing to the community.

Group Fitness – Partake in group fitness classes which include cardio, strength and balance. Experience partner work, Team work and more.

All Sports Fitness Fun – Always wanted to try a team sport? Learn the basics of Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball and more while having fun with friends! Our experienced instructors will increase your endurance, agility and strength

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